Welcome to So. Cal Jungle Reptile Parties. If you are looking for a new, fun party idea that your children will never forget, look no further! The experts at So. Cal Jungle are here to provide your child with a once in a lifetime experience. Our parties are designed to give you an up close and hands-on encounter with some amazing creatures. Our reptile parties provide a great learning opportunity as well. As the children interact with the animals they will hear important information about
each creature.

Reptile’s are amazing animals, and the experts at So. Cal Jungle have been working with them for 19 years. Just as the animals have grown over the years, so has our knowledge, experience and passion for these wonderful creatures.

So whether it’s holding a 12-foot Albino Burmese Python or letting a tarantula crawl on their arm, your child will never forget this amazing experience.


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