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"It was the best decision we could’ve made"

"At first my husband was on the skeptical side on whether we should get an “animal show” for our daughter’s 1st birthday. But after seeing your show, he was convinced it was the best decision we could’ve made. Your passion for animals is clear and your patience for children (a handful) is admirable. Children and adults were impressed and all enjoyed being entertained by you and your friends. To this day, everyone is still talking about this show and on how they have never seen anything like it—I keep getting calls for your number. Again, we thank you for adding a special touch to our daughter’s special birthday."

Monika, Ozzie, and Lanie

"Definitely a memorable experience!"

"Josh is wonderful with the kids! The variety of reptiles is great and he provides interesting and entertaining information. My kids can't wait to have him come back again! Definitely a
memorable experience!"

Karen Davis

"A party that will be talked about till the next year"

"Josh with So Cal Jungle totally made my daughter's Birthday party. The kids loved it. He was so amazing with the kids. He had them all sitting where he wanted them to be which was something I could not do myself. The reptiles were a blast. He told all the kids about everyone of them, where there from, and some info about them. What was so cute was each had a name. He truly loves his pets we could tell. The kids could ask questions and he would answer them. What was so COOL was he let the kids touch or hold them and if they did not want to, he did not push it on them at all. Some kids started the show out in the back, a little scared, but ended up front row with a snake on their shoulders. I don't like snakes but there was one on me by the end of the show, not by him pushing it on me but me getting over a fear I have or I should say had. All the reptiles were beautiful and well taken care of. We all have had the ponies, petting zoos, clowns, and so I went out on a limb and got what my 3 yr old daughter wanted. Now this will be a part of our birthdays yearly. The pictures you take are incredible something not every party has. A party that will be talked about till the next year. This is truly a must have at any party. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you again for making Jillian's 3rd Birthday party, she is still talking about all her new friends."

Thank you,
The Roberts Family

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